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About Wise Guys Gourmet Burgers

At Wise Guys Gourmet Burgers, we are just that! Your one stop destination for the tastiest and most gourmet burgers. You can find the perfect takeaway burgers with us for your favorite movie night in, or bring the team in for a family dinner after a big win. At Wise guys we want to be a part of your family! We want to be the place that takes all the guessing out of, where will we go to dinner tonight? With a variety of options for every palate, we hope to achieve this goal. We know that dinner can be hard, and pleasing everyone can be a nightmare. We have taken the hard part out of dinner. Our signature dishes will never disappoint anyone in your family or friend group. We make burgers that even people who do not like burgers, still rave about. Come in and fall in love. We know we will feel the same about you.

Wise Guys Gourmet Burgers Restaurant

Now that we have you hooked and bringing the whole gang around for the next family outing, where can you find us? We are located at 11 Rochester Parade in Feltham. You can come in to eat or grab burgers for take away. Swing in with the coworkers after work, or maybe just stop by to get something for yourself. Rochester Parade can be a little confusing and it can be pretty easy to get lost in all the shops and dining options. So, if you want you can just order food online from our apps, always available on Google store and the Apple store. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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